December 18, 2011

Its been a few months...

I have been a bad blogger for awhile! Although lately I really don't have a whole lot to blog about, the only time I think about blogging is when something funny happens. Like today. BUT before I start into that story I will give ya a quick summary of what we have been up to. I think I can sum it up to one word though: WORK. I know lame, but Adam and I have really been so busy with work. Other than that we have been trying to get our house in Murray. There are so many details that go into buying a house--who knew? I am overwhelming Adam with all of my ideas for the house, planning our summer vaycay, and occasionally emailing him a car I really like. So I have stopped doing all of those things so I don't drive him to insanity.

The reason I was going to blog is because of Adam of course. So for a little back ground, Adam is on this weight loss kick. AKA we go to the gym more but he still eats whatever he wants. So its not that intense of a weight loss kick (He thinks his body will respond to the gym like it did when he was 18). Yesterday we went to the gym, I weighed myself on their scale because I know it is more accurate than our scale at home with the dying battery. Adam is really weird about the gym scale, I don't think he has ever used it. We got home from the gym and Adam comes out of the bathroom "I lost 6-7 pounds already! Working out can transform your body so fast bla bla bla" I just start laughing because I know we need a new battery in that scale. So I make him watch me get on it and it was 8 pounds lower than what the gym scale said! Adam: Devastated. Lauren: laughing all day long about this. Sorry Adam, maybe next week you will really drop 6-7 pounds by going to the gym 3x and eating 5,000 calories/day. :)

September 21, 2011

I Cried Because I Laughed so Hard. Story Time:

As many of my stories do, this one too happened at work. My co-worker Sara (we will call her) just had a baby so she has to pump while she is at work. Well one day we had a few tours/things going on so she decided not to pump in an open office because she didn't want a tour walking in on her, sounds reasonable right? So she decides to pump in the storage office thinking that is a safe bet. Well not safe because Heather (another co-worker; there are just us 3 at our center) and I sent out an email to sell some of the crap in the storage office. Meanwhile Sara sits on the floor to be close to an outlet in the storage office with the lights off (I still don't understand the lights off thing, but ya) and starts to pump. Meanwhile a client comes and gets Heather's keys to get a floor mat from the storage office. And there it happens. He walks in on her sitting on the floor in the corner pumping with the lights off!! She freaked out! She started yelling "Get out, get out of here!!" Client is pretty shocked/stunned: "I just want a floor map" Sara: "No, no just get out of here, I will bring you one, just get out". About two seconds after this encounter Sara calls the work line and whispers "A client has just walked in on me pumping, I am not coming out of here." Right as this phone call is happening Client comes back to Heather to give her the keys back and says "Um....ya so Sara was in there...." Heather: "Um, ok did you get a mat" Client "no". Heather runs into my office to tell me what happened as I hang up the phone with Sara...We pretty much lost it from there, I laughed about this on and off all day long. Of course Sara eventually made her way out of the storage office and had to tell us the details and how she "used a vicious yell at Client to get out"... Here is what I think is one of the best parts of this story-- Client comes back to Heather later that day and says "do you know what Sara was doing in there?" Heather "She had a headache and was laying down" Client "Oh, I thought she was in there doing something nasty with another client or something along those lines. I mean she was in the back of a dark storage office and yelling at me to get out, I didn't know what to think." I still can't get over this story. How embarrassing, poor girl!!! We love you "Sara" Please don't kill me for sharing this story, you know it's funny!

I quit blogging because of this:

My new/old job. All I do is work and sleep. If you need me call my work number. Somebody please give me a life....

May 15, 2011

Lesbian Hike is What We Call it:

I looked up this hike before we got to Hawaii. It was only an hour and a half round trip according to the website. So we take off on the hike excited to get to the waterfall. About 15-20 minutes up the trail we run into these two girls, we follow them on the trail for a few minutes. The one pink haired girl tells us she did hike a few years ago bla bla bla. We keep hiking. Then we get to a fork in the trail. The two girls think we should go straight. I keep saying I think we should go left. But whatever, they have done this hike before. We keep following them. And following. And following. And following. Pretty soon it has been about an hour. I reference the website that said it would be an hour and a half round trip.....
JUST THEN--we come across this little sign:

I almost cried. We were soo tired and hungry at this point! So we turn around and head back. The lesbians took the 6.3 mile route. Hope they had fun.

We get back to the fork and turn left. 5 minutes later we get to the waterfall. Lesson learned: Don't follow crazy lesbians with pink hair. Ever.

This is where we get to the waterfall, get attacked my mosquito's, and yell at Taylor to get out of the back ground of our picture. haha good times!

This just happened:

Adam: "Lauren, what time is it right now? (He just woke up)
Lauren: Um...Almost 7:30
Adam: Uggg, shouldn't I be at work by now?
Lauren: No response, I just wait for him to figure it out
Adam: Oh yeah, its still Sunday. I'm so confused. Comes down stairs and eats ice cream... haha


Was amazing! We spent 11 days in Oahu. My family was there for a week, and we stayed a few days after they left. We had sooo much fun! This was our last little vaycay/hoorah before Taylor leaves on his mission AND our second anniversary! yay!

This restaurant was amazing. My salad not so amazing, but the view was awesome and I can never complain about chocolate fondue!

Polynesian Cultural Center! Yes, that is Adam dancing on stage in the picture below! haha

Of course we went to Dole!

Boogie boarding. This is me and Taylor's favorite thing to do in Hawaii! Notice that I am out there with my dad. Adam went out for probably 15 minutes. Who is this man that I married? I love this stuff. Me, Taylor and my dad were on the boogie board on and off for over two hours.

Snorkeling is my next favorite thing. Is this as tan as I got? Pretty much. Was this the second day? Yes. This is the gist of what people say to me at work "11 days in Hawaii, where's the tan?" My response is "Um....I'm a little paranoid about skin cancer and wrinkles"

April 10, 2011


April fools was on a Friday. By the time we get to Friday I am just done. Then to add April fools to a Friday makes an awesome combo. So I spent a few minutes in the morning googling April fools jokes. (A few'll say that) BUT this little baby I came up with on my own. On my lunch I picked up a pregnancy test and had my pregnant friend Erica pee on it. I didn't think Adam would fall for this at all! It is not an original April fools prank. But...He did! It was classic. Best $6 I've spent in a long time. I felt a little bad after though, because he really fell for it!


He was so nervous reading the call; it was awesome, a room full of people and Taylor stumbling over words!
He is going to Honduras! Yay! My guess was way off. I love my little brother!

Congratulations Taylor! We are excited for you!!!

Time For a Little Catch Up--Adam's Birthday!

Adam is now 27! Yay! I think he had a pretty good birthday if I must say so myself. We stayed at the Alaskan Inn in Ogden--it was awesome! I booked the Eagles Nest room--everything eagle!

Yep, everything eagle.

Martnelli's, cookies, and romantic music was playing when we got there! And naturally an eagles cry. (Broke one of those glasses) haha

Breakfast was sooo good! We ate way too much and it was worth it!

Happy Birthday Adam!

March 22, 2011

Dear Cadbury Mini Eggs,

When I am feeling self concious in a swimming suit in Hawaii I blam you.

This is Me:

Because Adam got a job!!!! YAY! I am so happy! Two incomes? What are we going to do with all of this excess cash? haha ok enough fun. Back to reality.....But I am so excited! Good job Ad!

March 17, 2011

Adam says this to me:
"I was sitting in my underwear ordering shoes off when I realized that I never have to go into another store again! They are going to send them right to our door!!"

March 9, 2011

Root Canal. I am Irresponsible.

Kill me. I have to get a root canal tomorrow. A) $800 B.) Why is it so expensive? I have insurance. C) I officially am on my works insurance--I feel like such an adult. D.) I will feel like an official adult when I get off my parents cell phone plan...not sure when that is going to be. E.) Apparently I was supposed to pick up my anti-biotics for my root canal 3 days ago=maybe I won't be having a root canal tomorrow? F.) how am I supposed to remember all of these minor details like picking up a prescription? My mom always did these things... Wish me luck!

February 22, 2011

In this Lobby....

In this lobby I have witnessed one of the funniest things I have ever seen. My dear beautiful, hilarious, talented, pregnant friend Erica fell off the chair at the front desk. My favorite part was that we were being so serious before this happened. She didn't just miss the chair and fall on the ground, she hit the end of the chair so it flew out from underneath her and went about 5 feet away. And she didn't get up. She sat under the desk as if nothing had happened trying to fix the computer. My next favorite part was that it was a full lobby and everyone got super awkward. I was crying because I was laughing so hard. I love my job.

January 9, 2011

The MOST Embarrassing Thing I Have Ever Said...

I have had sooo many embarrassing things happen to me in my 23 years but this one tops it all off! Adam always brings it up. He brought it up yesterday so I thought I should share it with the blogging world! Here is goes: I was dating/not dating/going out with/hanging out with this guy (he was a total tool), I'll call him Jeff. Jeff had told me about his family a bit and I knew his parents because my friends and I rented our house on campus from them. He had told me about his crazy handicapped sister, and his sister that lived in SLC. So I think he only has 2 sisters. We were in SLC at his sisters house and his other sister Lacy comes over, so naturally i think she is the handicapped sister right? Right. So I didn't think she seemed very handicapped, but whatever, she was a bigger girl, seemed a little different--handicapped. Jeff's mom comes over and we start chatting. She asks "have you met Jeff's handicapped sister?" Me: "Yes, I met Lacy last night" Jeff's mom: "What? Lacy's not handicapped!!! Hannah is handicapped! You thought Lacy was handicapped?" Me: " I didn't think she was, I had never heard about Lacy so I though she was..." Jeff's mom=pissed. I have never felt so awkward in my life.

Late Thanksgiving!

WAY late Thanksgiving! Naturally I would add Christmas with all of these late photos but someone (Adam) lost my sim card! I am going to kill him! Anyways...We had Thanksgiving at my Grandma and Grandpa Niederhauser's house this year! I love my family!!!

December 29, 2010

This Storm Did Happen.

Left work at 4:16. Got home at 5:56. This is true.
Powerful winter storm pummels Utah -

I've Never Been Called Creepy...Until Now...

Short story:

I'll cut to the chase: Adam and I were in the slow lane driving on the icy road. This random Altima starts following us way close. Adam says "get off my ahh buddy". The guy turns right and gives us the stare down as he passes. What do we do? We decide we should follow him. Yep. We followed him home...pretty far. We are creeps. And the best part is that we had to turn around because he lives on a dead end street. He defiantly knew we were following him. Dear Altima guy don't stare people down you never know how crazy they will be.
We thought we were pretty funny...writing this post it doesn't do it justice, you should have been in the car, it was much funnier then.

December 16, 2010


Time sheet=101 hours. The end.